Puerto Montt

Offices and warehouses “Megacentro Hurtado”

Equipped warehouses

• Safe water, sewage network
• Monophasic and triphasic connection
• Galvanized steel metal structure
• Automatic rolling gate
• Optimal warehouse lighting

Offices and warehouses available:
3 offices available (80 m2)

“Megacentro” presentation

Equipped offices

• Sanitary facilities
• PVC windows
• Fiber optic available
• Internet services and
• Floating floor systems

Other properties

Field in Pelluco’s area

7.700 m2 residential area

Plot of land in “Isla Tenglo”

6,31 Hectáreas

House in 858° Vial Street

168 m2 living surface

Offices and warehouses “Megacentro Hurtado”

Flexible warehouses from 240 m2

Plot of land at the shores of the Llanquihue Lake

Las Cascadas area, 6 plots of land for sale

Field in Padre Harter Street

1.052 m2 residential area

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